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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

May 19, 2017

In which we design a masturbating room for the office, and Jeremy ponders taking karate classes.      


May 11, 2017

Is which we discuss why nature is dumb, how we’re not funny anymore, trying to be funny again, nostalgia, and Wes Anderson movies.      


May 2, 2017

In which we discuss Eric having life by the balls, why he wears boys underwear, and we kick-off bracket season with a Beasts bracket. This episode was originally recorded back in March but technically difficulties kept us from posting it until now. There are still some sound issues so please accept our...

Apr 25, 2017

In which we discuss Kenny Rogers, old people dancing, daddy-daughter dances, which of our parents we’re more, which parent our kids are more like, naps, and dealing with our kids when they’re annoying.      


Apr 18, 2017

In which we figure out the cure for terrorism, we discuss the merits of different cities, and Jeremy attempts to describe Passover and Easter.