Adventures in Irrationality
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In which we discuss phantom poops, transferring poop to other people, pot laws in Amsterdam, what counts as fleeing, Stranger Things and Penny Dreadful, what season we stopped watching the Simpsons, dumb shows our kids like, and sticking your hand up a cows ass.      



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In which we discuss Jeremy spending the week with his son, Jeremy describes his Fall fantasy, we imagine drinking out of a hamster ball, want Paul to star in a remake of Felicity, the return of Gilmore Girls, come up with a new use for the asterix, decide which government law enforcement branch we’d like to work for, and the boat Paul bought.      



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In which we talk more about the Olympics and come up with several ways to make them better, including a Modern Pentathlon randomizer, Summer/Winter Olympics mixed decathalon, discussion of sports that are no longer in the Olympics, and other various ideas.      



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In which we discuss what constitutes a zombie apocalypse, go in depth on hipsters and what the next personality trend could be, and Eric’s jealousy of Jeremy’s dance skills lead him to say mean things.      



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In which we discuss Eric’s past as an economist, Jeremy tells the secret origin of how he decided to become an architect, Jeremy recounts several stories where he is much too aggressive during pick-up sports, basically this whole episode is therapy for Jeremy, Eric shares two life hacks he is currently using, and we talk about the Olympics.      



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In which Orit joins us and we discuss periods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a metaphor for periods, Eric’s fear of prison rape, the number of lakes in Minnesota, Chelsea Clinton’s eventual Presidential run ,how to play Pokemon Go! In prison, and leave you with a Ponderable Thought.      



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In which Eric is in Canada, we discuss the definition of multiple, couple, and several, try to figure out why people would stay friends with their ex-coworkers, and the secret lives of ball boys.      


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In which Eric’s new deck is a springboard to a discussion of things that bring us joy, what we need to be happy doing a specific task, new kids being born, and how to make people appreciate the 4th of July more (by sort-of turning it into the Hunger Games).      



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In which we discuss narwhals, we talk about a Country artist Jeremy likes, how to decide how many times you need to stab someone, our shopping strategies, when it’s appropriate to say “Nice to Meet You”, break down the term Sexual Harassment, and discuss different types of arousal.

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In which we are joined by many special guests to celebrate a milestone and try to figure out if Will Smith is an asshole, what it’s like to tour a porn studio, the NBA Playoffs, STD’s, and much more.      



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