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Foolishness. Idiocy. Irreverence. Weekly.

Dec 22, 2013

In which we return and we talk about Jeremy’s son, Sound of Music, fat Germans, and pooping outside.    


Oct 14, 2013

In which Eric and Ted record and episode in a bar. Also Eric wants to include the following disclaimer;

"Anything that is said in the following episode about my wife is because she is way, way smarter than me and I am a little jealous of that.  Also, as most of you know, I can be a little random and impulsive.  After...

Sep 29, 2013

In which we talk about Ted’s wife being pregnant, designated drivers, odd insults, homemade gifts, police organizations including the Irrational Police, our time in Italy, and dirty hippies at a friends wedding.    


Sep 22, 2013

In which Dan and Pietro guest star and we talk about perseverance through minor disasters at Pietro’s sister’s wedding, throwing things off roofs, adventures in poker dealing, and come up with a new horror movie.    


Sep 17, 2013

In which the beautiful Orit joins us and we discuss musicals, pregnancy, and the TV show Revenge.