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Aug 15, 2010

In which we talk about a disturbing money fight and recap our trips to Boise ID and Portland OR. Special thanks to Sthoner and Sarah!

over thirteen years ago

The shit dimension made me remember something hilarious an Austin radio show had on recently. The djs came up with the concept of Mel Gibson Town. This is a theme park that is filled with regular people that work in the bars and stores and live in Mel Gibson Town. They all get paid to live there and whenever Mel Gibson feels like it he can run rampant belittling everyone. It even has cops to pull him over that he can scream at as well and he won't get in any trouble. The hosts then decided that they should build Mel Gibson Town in Mexico and make it available to the public. This could be what you build in another dimension and be god over as well. I would visit frequently and I know that Jason is ready to go. If you want more details. Go to and go to the Charlie page.